About Us

Black Gifted Network

We are a NOT for profit Social Enterprise that aspires to facilitate the exchange and development of: business opportunities, ideas, initiatives, knowledge, wealth and prosperity throughout the Black Community. The BGN online platform is designed to showcase the immense gifts and talents that lie in abundance amongst our people.  All the profits generated are invested back into the Black Community

Advancing the concept of  “yes we can” into “how we can”.

Appointed to serve the Black community, the Black Gifted Network is architect-ed to provide an informative entertaining and feature rich on-line platform featuring a wealth of home grown gifts and talents for the benefit of the entire Black community.

The following BGN representatives have been appointed to serve the Black Community in  changing the “yes we can” into “how we can“.


BGN 2018 Targets

Black Gifted Network Community Representatives

paul johnson

Entrepreneur Executive Consultant giving back to the community

Pablo Johnson

Founder & CEO

Delivering a comprehensive membership program

Sadia Deen

Head of Design & Merchandising

Head of PR and Marketing

Sabrina Johnson

Marketing Director

Managing the network campaigns & events

Cheryl Prescod

Head of Events

Responsible for Charity partners and Community relationships

Debra Millen

Head Of Charity & Community Partnerships

Delivering a comprehensive membership program

Pat Browne

Head of Network Membership