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It takes a village to raise a child and a network to uplift a community

About Us

Black Gifted Mentoring Network

The Black Gifted Network (BGN) is a community social enterprise, founded in 2020 to inspire, uplift, and support the Black community. BGN undertakes a variety of projects in support of their community and has recently been commissioned to develop the Windrush Bureau to help support, raise awareness and compensation to those affected by the Windrush Scandal. They are also the founders of EventGOers, the black-owned Awards & Events technology platform. BGN are advocates of technology and undertake tech-based mentoring engagements at several London Universities. Their desire to help more people in the community has led to the launch of the Association of Black Mentors initiative, promoting mentoring as a process to disrupt the cycle of social and economic under-achievement that has hindered the black community. Mentoring is now the core focus of BGN, hence they are otherwise known as The Black Gifted Mentoring Network.

The Black Mentoring Association

A global support network of Mentoring organisations and practitioners sharing their resources, best practices & collaborative mentoring expertise in order to elevate mentoring across our respective communities.

Founded by the Black Gifted Mentoring Network who coordinates the UK region 

The Windrush Information Bureau 

This website features content from Windrush historians, ambassadors, and creatives endeavoring to preserve the amazing legacy of the Windrush heroes. The site list events, festivals, books, films, videos, and exhibitions . 

The Authentic Black Book Role Model Series

A collection of digital multimedia books formats as well as calendars, podcasts & videos. 

The initiative highlights Authors, Businesses, Role Models, or Celebrities with an 'authentic' desire to serve their community. All participants are encouraged to support at least ONE of the following ABBS Mentoring initiatives run by the Association of Black Mentors. 

The EventGOers Platform

An all-In-One Events platform and management app for premium events and award ceremonies.

An e-Business Startup Workshop using FREE Google Apps

Plan, Launch and run a Business using a FREE suite of Google Tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Blogger, Sites, Drive and much more.

Help us provide a Role Model e-Platform

Your donation will help to provide an online Role Model Mentoring platform for our youth to aspire to be future leaders.